We bloom and flourish when we trade, export and import

In addition, we have built a reliable network that enables our team to provide and deliver required products and commodities for all businesses. We commit to provide the required services while maintaining quality of products at competitive prices.

We offer wide range of products to fulfil the needs of the local market. In addition, we export our products worldwide to introduce premium quality products with competitive prices that enables our business to grow steadily. Gaza is one of our main markets as we export and supply building materials, petroleum products, machinery and equipment as well as food supply.

Furthermore, we constantly aim to provide high quality products and services, accordingly we import all necessary material to develop and maintain quality when operating in our projects. We also aim to fulfil needs and requirements of clients by importing specific materials for their business to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Types of imported and exported materials
Building Materials: Cement, Iron Sheets, Ivory, Metal Sheets, Limestone, Wood Polish and other materials.
Petroleum Materials: Enhanced Bitumen, MCO, Gasoline, Diesel

We possess heavy duty machinery of the highest standards which includes:

  • Caterpillar Machines
  • Toyota Machines
  • Drillers and Drilling Machinery
  • Road Construction Machinery
  • Pipes
  • Brick Manufacturing Facility