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Our maintenance methodology focuses on investigation and diagnosis to identify required maintenance procedure to ensure efficient and effective resolution. Followed by planning to determine the timeline and equipment required to overcome obstacles. Finally, we execute the tasks while committing to worldwide safety measures and precautions standards to ensure seamless and explicit finalisation of assigned tasks.

We strive to bring the most advanced machinery and equipment to provide world-class standard services which placed our company as a destination for premium quality construction and maintenance solutions. We have participated in several construction projects for the governmental and private sectors in Egypt.

Our maintenance services include Roads Maintenance, Bridges Maintenance, Railway Maintenance as well as Airports Maintenance. Our company had the privilege to provide restoration and maintenance to Rafah railway to uplift its efficiency and ensure its security. The project was successfully concluded as maximum efficiency was restored and achieved.

In addition, we have supplied large quantities of limestone to major companies participating in roads restoration and maintenance as well as providing limestone to companies participating in building 30 June Corridor.