The secret of development isn’t knowing but doing.

Our team is working on the development of the quarry industry by bringing a unique knowhow and advance machinery. We own two highly equipped crushing machines to produce and refine limestone, dolomite and reinforced concrete gravel (1, 1.5, 2, 6, Tooth Powder, known toxics, Lenticular, Folic).

Our extended experience allows us of offering an effective and efficient quarry management services for fields in Middle Sinai area which is well known for Limestone and Dolomite production required for construction purposes. In addition to our quarries in Om Thamila Vally and Al Maghara located in Al Halal Mountain in North Sinai, we have concluded contracts with North Sinai Quarry and Sinai Development Authorities to manage a number of quarries around Sinai in addition to other quarries in Suez governorate to produce and supply high quality raw materials.