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Worldwide logistics service to transport belongings and commodities by offering trusted, secured and robust solutions to support various needs and requirements tailored to fulfil specific business needs.

Import & Export

Offering a wide range of products and services in the import and export field. In addition, we are proud to bring the latest and most efficient tracking technologies to ensure maximum security to bring optimum comfort and peace of mind to our clients.

Reclamation of agricultural lands

Aligning with domestic, regional and global visions, we provide agricultural reclamation services to corporates and governments through bringing advanced techniques and technologies in infrastructure, renewable energy stations and heavy-duty machinery enabling our experts to provide high-quality service to achieve short- and long-term goals and targets.


Construction and Maintenance is a cornerstone in our group which provides various solutions to SME businesses as well as major commercial and industrial projects. We strive to provide maintenance services of the highest qualities through gathering a team of experts in investigation, planning and execution to supervise activities and deliver ultimate safety measures to foresee obstacles which might occur and proactively engage in its elimination to achieve maximum safety and security ensuring business continuity and stability.


Eng. Ibrahim El Argany is a leading businessman born and raised in Sheikh Zuweid in North Sinai in 1974. Having studied engineering, Eng. Ibrahim also studied business to establish his first company Abnaa Sinai in Arish. Steadily growing, Eng. Ibrahim started to penetrate a number of fields creating a diverse business empire acting as an inseparable backbone to the Egyptian economy in countless fields.

Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the courage you have to maintain it

Ibrahim El-Argani

Company CEO Ibrahim El-Argani


We provide a diversity of services that help companies and organization in the development industries. We hold strong positions in Logistics, Contracting, Construction and procurement.

With our skilled and professional team; we are able introduce to you a new meaning of success and evolving. All our services aim to the same target as they all connect. Our quarries provide raw materials needed for any construction and expansion projects with our logistic services we are able to import and export any supplies and materials needed for any business.

The professionalism and courtesy is the main features when it comes to our client relation teams. Our Clients and Customers are our top priority and we aim perfection not just for us but for our market partners.



Our customers are our partners in success. We mainly focus on building a strong relationship with our clients. We proudly collaborated with all of our customers to develop and achieve the targeted objectives.

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