About Us

Abnaa Sinai was established in 2010 by Eng. Ibrahim El Argany to lead and serve the Egyptian economy in various fields including foreign trade and global cooperation. Bringing world-class experiences in various fields including Logistics, Construction, Import and Export has placed our company among the leading corporations in the Egyptian market growing steadily as we build and maintain a strong partnership with governments and business partners.

In addition, Abnaa Sinai is actively engaging in aiding North Sinai by offering various non profitable organisation and charity which is aimed to provide medical and financial aid through supporting a number of public hospitals as well as supporting the Egyptian government in achieving goals to develop life circumstances of North Sinai region.

Eng. Ibrahim El Argany is a leading businessman born and raised in Sheikh Zuweid in North Sinai in 1974. Having studied engineering, Eng. Ibrahim also studied business to establish his first company Abnaa Sinai in Arish. Steadily growing, Eng. Ibrahim started to penetrate a number of fields creating a diverse business empire acting as an inseparable backbone to the Egyptian economy in countless fields.

Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the courage you have to maintain it

Ibrahim El-Argani

Company CEO Ibrahim El-Argani

Our Vision

At Abnaa Sinai, we are constantly working towards developing our resources and investing in developing our team to ensure delivering products and services of the highest qualities to achieve being a pioneer and leader in Africa and the Middle East.

We understand that our vision puts a burden on our shoulders. We are fully committed to pursuing and materialising our short- and long-term visions by developing and enhancing our resources as well as maintaining fruitful partnerships with our valued client to create a role model for companies in the region and worldwide.

Our business focus is to pioneer and lead the African and Middle Eastern market in providing and exporting building materials and heavy-duty machinery while providing maintenance services of the highest qualities to achieve maximum safety and security of our partners ahead.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves by committing to business values and ethics to ensure delivering services of highest qualities. Integrity and Excellence are key factors to achieve our mission in servicing our esteemed and valued partners. Our extended experience in different fields has undoubtably developed our understanding of mission in hand leading to firm commitment to our values which represents our biggest and most precious of assets.

Our mission reflects on our business practices as we strive to deliver services of the highest qualities.

  • Integrity: We continuously work towards maintaining honesty and clarity with our valued partners to ensure healthy and sustainable partnership.
  • Excellence: We are fully devoted and committed towards providing our clients and partners with materials of the highest qualities and standards to ensure achieving joint goals and targets.
  • Commitment: We commit to provide our client with materials of the highest qualities at competitive rates in addition to attending to our clients concerns and proactively analysing, investigating and eliminating obstacles that might occur to achieve maximum satisfaction.