Import and Export

Import and export business requires explicit attention due to business parameters. We pride ourselves to provide high quality services by designing solutions that avails clients to track and monitor their shipments easily and securely to ensure comfort and security.

Integrated work

Because every project is different than the other we challenge ourselves to provide various services depending on our client’s need. We have accomplished a number of integrated works that have shown our quality on further note.

Quarry management

Egypt is a global destination for mining as it contains large quarry fields in various parts of the country. We have developed and gathered experts in the region to build a team able to provide quarry management services to achieve production and export of high-quality raw materials to serve and fulfil industrial and construction requirements domestically, regionally and internationally.


We are proud to have participated in a number of governmental expansion projects where we have gained extended experiences. Our knowhow in management, well geared equipment and unique resources has enabled us to demonstrate capability of achieving excellence in a timely manner reflected in well executed projects to fulfil governmental goals and directions.

Transport and Supply

Throughout the years we have built a large fleet to support our transport services actively working on transporting products and commodities. We have developed our fleet to ensure providing our services which is constantly one-step ahead of competition by providing constant training for our team to handle and transport merchandises. We commit to deliver services of highest qualities by committing to transport schedules to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.


We believe that maintenance represents a cornerstone in the success of any project. We have gathered teams of highly trained experts in various fields to provide construction and maintenance services to fulfil our clients’ business needs. Whether an SME or a major commercial and industrial project, our team is fully geared towards providing the service.

Equipment rental

Construction requires reliable machinery to execute tasks in a timely manner as well as maintained quality. We pride ourselves to provide all types of machinery required to fulfil all business needs and requirements. We believe maintenance is a key aspect in the performance of machinery and we constantly and continuously invest in providing routine maintenance to our equipment to ensure delivering maximum performance when operating in extreme conditions to achieve utmost efficiency.


Logistics is often foreseen as a critical aspect of businesses. Time management is an essential aspect to ensure delivery of products, commodities or merchandises as it directly affects business operations. We have developed rapid and secured solutions to ensure managing and transporting belongings whether domestically, regionally or internationally as we provide a wide range of logistics solutions to fulfil our clients’ business needs and requirements.

Reclamation of agricultural lands

Aligning with global visions, we realise that its vital to conquer the wide unconsumed regions globally and commence its development to benefit in supporting world’s growing and demanding population. We provide reclamation services to government and corporate sectors and we participate in extending infrastructure grids in addition to renewable and sustainable energy sources solutions. To ensure achieving set vision, we also provide required machinery and equipment required for reclamation solutions supervised by teams of experts geared to attain results in timely manner.