Our commitment to our social responsibility is a core value deeply embedded into the foundation of our corporation. We believe that serving our community is our biggest asset and most joyful source of pride. Our Team constantly and continuously observes the needs and necessities of our community in attempts to contribute in developing and enhancing their lifestyle. Working hand in hand with the government, we provide alternative sustainable sources to secure productive projects aimed to develop the communities in need.

We consciously decided to diverse our projects to maximise the benefit for our communities which are targeting those who are yet to benefit from measures taken by the government to support its vision in achieving needs saturation.

We shall continue our commitment towards serving our community and will always attend to secure their basic needs to ensure a healthy productive life.

Orphans Day Celebrations

A dearly special annual event awaited year after year. We attend to orphanages bringing garments and supplies to embrace our children into our community. However, we never shy to attend to their needs throughout the year. We attempt to create a special day to ensure securing their needs to live a healthy happy life.

As for adults, we continue to attend to the needs of those who are seeking marriage by providing basic house needs of appliances, furniture and funds to ensure their happily ever after.

Sheikh Zuweid Wells

Water is the very essence of human life. Its scarceness creates difficulty for households to sustain a healthy life. We have successfully dug 50 wells in the Sheikh Zuweid area to supply water to the village to be used for household purposes. In addition, we have also established a parallel grid for agricultural and industrial supply.

Medication Supply

Medical attention is an important factor in maintaining an individuals’ lifestyle. A shortage has been indicated in some hospitals in North Sinai which urged our team to analyse the obstacle and seek means to overcome. Analysis indicated shortage in medication in several hospitals which resulted to inability to attend to the medical needs of some inhabitants. As the obstacle was identified, we have supplied several hospitals with the required medication to ensure providing medical attention for those in need.

Educational Development

Education is the most essential element in the development of an individual’s life as well as any community, society or country. It’s the element that allows nations to rise and achieve beyond their reach. We believe that our contribution to the development of the education is crucial to support the community and society evolution. We are proud to renovate and develop Sheikh Zuweid Public School as well as supply required equipment of desks, boards, tables and books to uplift the level of education.

Medical Aid

Around the world, many suffer from diseases that can either end someone’s life or suffer living with it. Cancer has been recognised as a cruel disease taking thousands of lives every year. We unite to fight against cancer alongside other diseases. We have been privileged with the opportunity to donate EGP 50,000 in addition to essential medical equipment as ventilators, medical beds and medication to Arish Public Hospital and others. We shall continue our efforts to support any hospital in need.

Special Needs

While there are different needs to each and every society there are specific needs to the special needs community as they encounter difficulty in fulfilling their day to day activities. We believe all communities are equal to fulfil their basic needs as we support all. We focus our support to those with special needs who might be unable to fulfil their needs easily due to their condition. We are privileged to bring joy and happiness for our special needs community in mere appliances as wheelchairs or hearing aids gifted to help them throughout their normal day to day activities and live an active productive life.

Martyr Families

Defending one’s country is one of the most noble duties one can pursuit. Heroes place their lives in the palm of their hands to defend our country from any threat. To honour their noble sacrifice, we exert maximum effort in attending to the needs of their families to ensure sustaining life.

Educational Supply

An educational process starts when an individual is mentally focused and prepared to receive information. To support our children and ensuring their utmost comfort when attending to schools, we have provided all required supplies to a number of schools. From notebooks and pens to complete school backpacks including all needed supply for a successful comfortable educational year.

Elderly Care

Every generation exerts maximum effort to provide for its own and the benefit of the following generations. We believe it’s our duty to honour the efforts of the elderly who exerted efforts throughout their long years by attending to their every need. As some suffer from unprivileged circumstances, we attempt to exert effort in providing basic needs to eliminate poverty and hunger ensuring a stable life.

Food Supply

In many regions around Sinai, it has been noticed that food supply is in shortage due to the characteristics of the location leaving many families in need of supply. Around the year, we exert all efforts to provide food supply to ensure maintaining an honourable life of North Sinai residents. During the Holly month of Ramadan, we exert extra effort to reach those in need to ensure their fulfilling their basic needs of food supply.

Rafah Refugee

War is a damaging experience that often forces families to move from one place to another. We never shy to support our families coming from Rafah who unfortunately lose their homes and belongings by providing shelters, food supply and financial aid to embrace their presence into our communities to be active productive members contributing to the development of our joint communities.

Sport Activities

Athleticism is one of the most joyful activities people enjoy. Sports bring people closer together in a passion for an activity. We are proud to manage, arrange and execute several sports tournaments for children and youth in Sinai. We sponsor the allocation of all required supplies for the sport as well as sponsor the talents rising from the tournaments to avail the opportunity of pursuing their dream.

Egyptian Commercial Centre (UAE)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity activities are underserved in many areas in the region. Through our centre, we look up to spreading the understanding of CSR and Charity activities to reach more families in need. We share our experience to influence and encourage more enthusiasts seeking to provide care for communities in need to end their struggle and ensure maintaining an honourable life.